Understanding Zinc Oxide Supplier And Its Product

zinc oxide supplier

Zinc oxide might be an unfamiliar name to many people. But, zinc oxide supplier and its product, zinc oxide, has become an inseparable element of many products you use every day. So, we will help you to learn more about them here.

What is Zinc Oxide?

Zinc oxide is well-known as a versatile material you can use for many purposes. This material is so versatile. Because of that, zinc oxide has become one of the necessary ingredients of many products from different fields of industries.

Its formula is Zn0 and mostly, is available in the form of powder. Yet, you also can find another form of zinc oxide, such as pellet or even liquid.

The powder form is its common form, which also is popular because it is easy to use. Mainly, many manufacturers use this form as filler or bulking agent for rubber products. If you work in the ceramic industry, this thing is usable as a white pigment.

The chemical industry is different. You use zinc oxide for a process catalyst. For example, it provides a corrosion inhibitor and works as mildew and fungi control in a paint product.

Other than that, food, agriculture, and cosmetic products also use this material. Try to add it to food or fertilizer, and you get an amazing booster and bacteria protection for your product. We will say that a zinc oxide supplieris an undeniably essential thing in the modern-era industry.

What Does a Zinc Oxide Supplier Do?

As its name implies, a zinc oxide supplier provides zinc oxide for those who need it. It has a large market with a total revenue of more than $5 billion a year according to the data in 2022. This market size keeps growing following the growth of the industry sector that needs its product the most.

However, zinc oxide suppliers are not only working as a provider of zinc oxide. Many of them also have manufacturing plants to fulfill the demands of zinc oxide products.

Thanks to the addition of these factories, they also can provide zinc oxide in different forms. The powder is the most popular form, but it also can create liquid or pellet. Moreover, they even offer a customizable zinc oxide specification, including purity level, powder size, and such, to meet the client’s preference.

Final Words

This short article might not be able to explain thoroughly about a zinc oxide supplierand what zinc oxide truly is. We hope you understand the basics of those two. 

Understanding Zinc Oxide Supplier And Its Product

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